5 Best Dating App in Singapore for 2024


This is not an article introducing five dating apps that offer a typical user experience. From the perspective of an app developer, let’s evaluate what primary aspects of the app have attracted a large number of users.

5 Best Dating Apps 

CMB – Best Dating App for Long-Term Relationships

  • Created by: Arum, Dawoon, and Soo Kang
  • Company: Coffee Meets Bagel, Inc.
  • Launched year: 2012
  • Available on: Android and iOS
  • Number of downloads: Over 10 million times on Google Play Store
  • Country: United States

CMB, standing for “Coffee Meets Bagel,” distinguishes itself within the dating app landscape by offering a curated and quality-focused experience for users seeking meaningful connections.

CMB - Best dating app for long-term relationship

CMB offers a curated and quality-focused experience for users seeking meaningful connections.

Core Functionality

  • Limited Daily Matches:
    Unlike the abundance of profiles often prevalent on other dating apps, CMB presents users with a limited selection of curated matches (“Bagels”) every day at noon. This curation process considers factors like compatibility based on profile information and algorithm-driven insights, aiming to present users with individuals who genuinely align with their preferences.
  • Quality over Quantity:
    The limited daily selection encourages users to approach each match with more intentionality and thoughtfulness. This shift in mindset fosters a less overwhelming and potentially more meaningful interaction experience compared to swiping through countless profiles.
  • Focus on Personality and Values:
    CMB emphasizes the importance of personality and values in fostering genuine connections. Profiles are crafted through a combination of photos, prompts, and optional icebreakers, allowing users to showcase their individuality and interests beyond just physical appearance.
  • Time-Bound Interaction:
    To encourage prompt engagement and prevent matches from lingering indefinitely, CMB implements a 24-hour window for “Liking” or “Passing” on a Bagel. This time limit motivates users to make informed decisions and fosters active participation within the app.

Additional Features

  • Premium Memberships: Upgraded subscriptions unlock additional features like seeing who has liked you, receiving more Bagels per day, and extending the 24-hour decision window.
  • Focus on Relationship Building: While CMB isn’t strictly limited to long-term relationships, its emphasis on quality matches, personality, and thoughtful interaction aligns well with users seeking genuine connections and potential relationship development.

Hinge – Best Dating App for Meaningful Connection

  • Created by: Justin McLeod (Founder & CEO)
  • Company: Match Group (acquired in 2019)
  • Launch year: 2016
  • Number of downloads: Over 40 million downloads
  • Available on: iOS and Android
  • Country: United States

Hinge sheds the typical “swipe-right, swipe-left” mentality of many dating apps and instead focuses on fostering genuine connections through a more deliberate and interactive approach. 

Hinge meaningful connection

Hinge is an app that is quite popular with the Raddit community

Core Functionality

  • Prompts and Engaging Profiles: Unlike solely relying on photos, Hinge encourages users to create compelling profiles that reveal their personality, interests, and values through a series of thought-provoking prompts. This approach allows users to showcase their individuality and spark conversation starters for potential matches.
  • “Liking” Specific Aspects: Instead of a generic “like” for an entire profile, Hinge allows users to “like” specific aspects of someone’s profile, be it a photo, a prompt response, or even a specific voice recording (if opted-in). This function sparks more meaningful interactions as it prompts users to comment on something specific that caught their attention, leading to more engaging and insightful conversations.
  • Matching Algorithm: While not solely reliant on swiping, Hinge still utilizes a matching algorithm that considers user preferences, profile information, and in-app activity to recommend compatible matches. This algorithm factors in “Most Compatible” matches, individuals deemed highly suitable for you based on mutual interests and expressed preferences.
  • Designed to be Deleted: The app’s tagline, “Designed to be deleted,” reflects its philosophy of aiming to help users build lasting connections that transcend the need for the app itself. By fostering genuine interactions and encouraging users to find meaningful connections, Hinge hopes to ultimately play a role in facilitating real-world relationships that extend beyond the app.

Additional Features

  • Free and Premium Memberships: Hinge offers both free and premium membership options. The free tier allows basic profile creation, liking a limited number of profiles daily, and filtering matches based on essential criteria. Premium memberships grant additional features like sending unlimited likes, seeing who has liked you, and enjoying more advanced filters.
  • Focus on Relationship-Building: While not explicitly limited to serious relationships, Hinge’s emphasis on thoughtful interaction, personality-driven profiles, and “Most Compatible” matches aligns well with users seeking meaningful connections and potential for long-term relationships.

Bumble – More Than a Free Dating App

  • Created by: Whitney Wolfe Herd (Founder, Executive Chair, and former CEO)
  • Company: Bumble Inc. (formerly MagicLab)
  • Launch year: December 2014
  • Number of downloads: Over 100 million downloads
  • Available on: iOS and Android
  • Country: United States

Bumble transcends the typical dating app landscape, functioning as a multifaceted social networking platform catering to various user needs. While it offers traditional dating features like profile creation, swiping, and matching, it also extends its functionalities to include:

  1. Bumble BFF: A dedicated mode for users seeking platonic friendships and expanding their social circles.
  2. Bumble Bizz: A professional networking platform facilitating career connections and fostering business interactions.
    Bumble - More than a dating app

A special feature of Bumble is that the women will be the one to start the conversation first.

Unique Differentiation

Bumble distinguishes itself in the dating realm by empowering women to initiate conversations in heterosexual matches. This fosters a more balanced and potentially safer interaction environment for all users.

Matching and Communication: Similar to other dating apps, users swipe right on profiles that pique their interest and left on those that don’t. A mutually right-swiped pair establishes a match, but with a 24-hour time limit for initiating communication. This time-bound feature aims to encourage active engagement and prevent ghosting.

Additional Features

Bumble provides various supplemental functionalities to enhance the user experience:

  • Super Swipes: A premium feature allowing users to highlight their interest in specific profiles.
  • Match Extensions: An option to extend the 24-hour communication window for an additional day.
  • Video Chat: A feature enabling users to engage in video calls within the app before meeting in person.

Tinder – Best Dating App for Romantic Connections

  • Created by: Sean Rad, Justin Mateen, Jonathan Badeen 
  • Company: Currently owned by Match Group (acquired in 2017)
  • Launch year: 2012
  • Number of downloads: Over 400 million downloads 
  • Available on: iOS and Android
  • Country: based in the United States

Tinder, a widely recognized the best free dating app, primarily functions as a social discovery platform geared towards fostering romantic connections between users.

Tinder - A dating app for romantic connection

Tinder is a dating app that is not only popular in Singapore but is also a global hit.

Core Functionality

  • Matching System: Tinder employs a geosocial matching algorithm that considers user-defined preferences like age, gender, and proximity. Users browse profiles and express their interest through a swipe-based system, swiping right to indicate interest and left to indicate disinterest. A mutually positive swipe creates a “match”, enabling direct communication within the app.
  • Profile Creation and Presentation: Users can cultivate compelling profiles that showcase their personality, interests, and lifestyle through a combination of curated photos, a concise bio, and optional prompts. This fosters a more holistic impression beyond mere physical appearance, potentially leading to more meaningful connections.
  • Communication Features: Matched users can engage in direct communication through text messages, photo sharing, and emoji exchanges. Tinder also incorporates features like GIF sharing and video chat functionality (availability may vary by location) to enhance the communication experience.

Additional Features

  • Tinder offers premium memberships that provide enhanced functionalities such as unlimited swipes, increased profile visibility, and the ability to see users who have expressed interest. These features aim to optimize the matching process and potentially lead to a higher volume of connections.
  • Recognizing the importance of user safety, Tinder incorporates safety features including the ability to report inappropriate behavior, block unwanted matches, and control profile visibility settings.

OkCupid – Best Dating App for Finding a Soulmate

  • Created by: Sam Yagan and Chris Poole
  • Company: Currently owned by Match Group (acquired in 2011)
  • Launch year: 2004
  • Number of downloads: Over 90 million downloads
  • Available on: iOS and Android
  • Country: New York City, USA.

OkCupid carves a distinct niche within the online dating space by prioritizing compatibility and shared values as the cornerstone for establishing meaningful connections. This professional approach is manifested through a comprehensive suite of features designed to cultivate in-depth profiles, encourage thoughtful interaction, and ultimately, facilitate genuine connections between users.


Core Functionality

  • Multifaceted Matching Algorithm:
    OkCupid’s algorithm surpasses a mere focus on basic demographics. It leverages a sophisticated matching system that incorporates user-crafted profiles, extensive personality quiz responses, and clearly defined dealbreakers to generate nuanced compatibility assessments. This approach aims to connect individuals who share similar values, outlooks, and life goals, fostering a stronger foundation for potential long-term relationships.
  • Comprehensive Profile Building:
    Recognizing the limitations of solely photo-centric presentations, OkCupid fosters the creation of detailed profiles that showcase individuality and authenticity. Users can incorporate open-ended prompts, hobbies, and interests, along with optional questionnaires that delve deeper into their personalities and lifestyle preferences. This multifaceted profile structure allows for a more holistic understanding of potential matches, enabling users to make informed decisions during the matching process.
  • Facilitating Meaningful Communication:
    Once compatible matches are identified, OkCupid provides a platform for direct messaging, enabling users to engage in personalized conversations and explore potential connections further. Additionally, an incognito mode empowers users to manage their online presence with greater control and privacy.

Additional Features

OkCupid offers additional functionalities to enhance the user experience and cater to diverse user preferences, including:

  • Boost Feature:
    This temporary service strategically increases profile visibility, potentially leading to a wider pool of compatible matches and maximizing the likelihood of establishing meaningful connections.
  • Premium Memberships:
    Upgraded subscriptions unlock a range of features, such as seeing who has expressed interest, sending unlimited likes, and employing more advanced search filters to refine the matching process and optimize the overall user experience.


In conclusion, this exploration of Singapore’s dating landscape has highlighted the five best dating applications: Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB), Hinge, Bumble, Tinder, and OkCupid. Each platform caters to distinct preferences, offering functionalities ranging from curated daily matches (CMB) and fostering meaningful interactions (Hinge) to encompassing dating, friendship, and professional connections (Bumble). For those seeking casual exploration, Tinder remains a popular choice, while OkCupid emphasizes compatibility through in-depth profiles and shared values. Ultimately, the optimal app hinges on your individual priorities and relationship goals.

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