From time to time, information may be put on your computer to help us improve our website or improve our services to you. This information is commonly known as “cookies” which many websites are also currently using. “Cookies” are pieces of information stored on your computer’s hard disk or browser, not on a website. They allow to collect some information about your computer such as IP address, operating system, browser mode and addresses of related websites. If you do not wish to receive these cookies, or would like to be notified when these cookies are placed, you can set your browser to do this if your browser supports it. Please note, if you turn off receiving cookies, you will not be able to access or use certain features on the website that are not specified in advance. We are not intentionally restricting your use in this situation, this is only limited to programming and website building.


When programming the website, we may put in place commercially reasonable laws to prevent illegal access and improper use of your personal information submitted to AMELA through use of this website. As there is always a risk involved in providing personal data, whether provided in person, by phone or over the internet, or through other technical means; and no technical system is absolutely safe or against all “hackers” and “tampers” (those who enter illegally to rummage through information), AMELA always strives to take appropriate precautions. appropriate for each characteristic of the information to prevent and minimize possible risks when you use this website.


When you sign up for the service, the email address you provide will be used as a means of communication with you. First of all, please make sure that you provide an email address that is useful to you during the use of the service. We may send the necessary information via email or receive your support request. In case you no longer use the provided email, please notify us about this change. For your protection, AMELA may temporarily stop accepting requests via the email you provided if it notices unusual information – until we can contact you to confirm.


AMELA will actively or at your request add, correct or delete personal information data that is inaccurate, incomplete or not up to date while you are still associated with our activities.


This website may contain links to other websites placed for the purpose of introducing or supplementing relevant information for your reference. AMELA is not responsible for the content or behavior of any other website.


AMELA may change this policy from time to time, including adding, removing part of content or suspending the website without notice. However, if this policy is changed in a way that may be detrimental to you, AMELA will attempt to notify you of the change via the email or phone number you provided or on the homepage.

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