Agile vs Waterfall – Why businesses need to consider?

Agile and Waterfall are two very popular software development models used in corporations and technology companies these days. So, what exactly are Agile model and Waterfall model? The main difference between these two models? Which one is better? AMELA will help you understand these two models in this article!

What is The Agile Model? What is The Waterfall Model?

Agile Model

The process of the agile model
The process of the agile model

It’s a method of building and developing software projects. This method significantly shortens development time, repeating tests in a short period of time, thereby developing the project quickly.

Waterfall Model

The process of the waterfall model
The process of the waterfall model
It is a cyclical loop method. The method helps deploy a software project sequentially and thus the project development team only moves to the next development or testing phase if the previous step is completed successfully.
Differences between agile and waterfall
Differences between agile and waterfall

+ Agile allows customers to request changes to requirements or additional specifications at any time during the development process. Waterfall must make changes to specs and other specification requirements before development begins.

+ Agile can provide services at each iteration so it will be fast. As for Waterfall, it only allows providing services after completing all processes, so it will take more time.

+ Documentation is not required in the Agile development model; however, if it is an effective method of conveying information, documentation should still be created. In contrast, with the Waterfall development model, documentation needs to be created for each process and connected to the next process. Additionally, documentation also serves as proof of the project once the entire process is complete.

+ Agile requires regular testing for each implementation, while Waterfall requires testing only during the testing phase.

+ In Agile development, each engineer will perform his or her own development work without having to have a specific area of expertise; but with the Waterfall model, it is imperative that one person is in charge of each process.

+ The Agile method helps you learn practically through iterative developments. Because you are responsible for all rounds of development, you will have more experience and be more adaptable in many areas. Waterfall development is more about using people with expertise and experience, so training/recruiting human resources is relatively easy.

+ Agile can improve the process for each iteration; If it’s not okay this time, it’s completely possible to improve next time. However, with Waterfall, we can only see the points that need improvement after the project is completed, so we can only draw and apply experience to the next projects.

Which One is Better?

Each model has different advantages and disadvantages, it is important to apply the appropriate model depending on each project case.

Pros and cons of agile and waterfall
Opposite Approaches

Agile model:


The Agile development model can deliver new products and features to users at a faster pace. Developing and implementing customer feedback and product feedback will benefit both the project and the customer.


The fact that it is too flexible, so it is easy to deviate from the development direction if you do not regularly review the original motto.

Waterfall model:


Easily plan and budget. The person, who is responsible for developing each required process is a highly specialized person, ensuring the stability and integrity of the project, not requiring any technology other than the process.

If problems are discovered in the early stages after the end of the project, it will cost a lot of time and cost for re-development.
Agile and Waterfall are very different software development methods and have their respective strengths. Understanding the requirements and nature of each project will help choose an appropriate and effective development model.

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