Poe AI: Unlocking Its Potential with Expert Tips and Tricks

Poe AI: Unlocking Its Potential with Expert Tips and Tricks

In the ever-evolving landscape of AI, one standout assistant has emerged to streamline your work and enhance productivity – Poe AI. Over the past year, the surge in the popularity of AI chatbots has been undeniable, but Poe AI distinguishes itself as a comprehensive solution that goes beyond expectations. In this blog, we will delve into what exactly Poe AI is and how it works, which chatbots Poe AI integrates with, and how you can create your own bot on Poe AI. Let’s begin!

What Exactly is Poe AI?

Poe AI, an acronym for “Platform for Open Exploration”, represents an AI platform developed by Quora. Poe AI facilitates user interaction with a diverse range of AI agents. Poe AI’s launch occurred in December 2022, closely following the public release of ChatGPT.

Poe AI opens up a world of interaction and exploration with diverse chatbots driven by expansive language models (LLM) developed by OpenAI and Anthropic. Engage in asking questions, receiving instant responses, and indulging in dynamic conversations with AI chatbots finely tuned for specific tasks.

Poe AI - DaskBoard

A standout feature of Poe AI is its user-friendly tool that empowers you to craft personalized bots effortlessly. By combining text prompts with an existing bot such as Claude or ChatGPT as the foundation, you can construct your unique bot. This customized creation is then hosted on Poe AI, complete with its distinct URL.

In the midst of the escalating presence of AI-powered chatbots in consumer products, Poe AI stands at the forefront of the AI revolution. It simplifies the discovery of distinctive user-generated bots, positioning itself as a catalyst for innovation.

Poe AI boasts an array of bots catering to diverse practical needs, from tutoring intricate subjects to aiding in trip planning or engaging in light-hearted conversations. The platform already hosts hundreds of bots, each serving a unique purpose.

Accessible through both the web app and mobile platform (Android and iOS), Poe AI ensures a seamless experience, putting the power of AI interaction at your fingertips.

What Chatbots Does Poe AI Integrate With?

Unlike most other chatbots, Quora’s Poe AI service offers various distinct “personalities” to choose from. They all operate on similar mechanisms but come with different advantages and are designed to perform different tasks.

After logging into your Poe AI account, you can discover the available chatbots by navigating to the Explore page.

On this page, you’ll find a search bar that allows you to look for specific chatbots or bot developers. Alternatively, utilize the tags located under the search bar to categorize the chatbots into various sections such as Learning, Programming, Sports, Writing, and more!

Poe AI’s Explorer
Poe AI’s Explorer

Overview of Several Official Chatbots

  • ChatGPT: ChatGPT within Poe AI is identical to the ChatGPT version available on the OpenAI website. It is built on the GPT-3.5 language model, slightly more advanced than Sage, but specifically designed for conversational abilities rather than answering questions. It cannot search the internet, and its knowledge is limited to information available before 2021.
  • GPT-4: GPT-4 is a superior version of ChatGPT, based on the latest GPT-4 language model. Therefore, it comprehends images, responds to more complex questions, and avoids answers that may pose ethical and legal concerns. However, if you want to use GPT-4, you need to subscribe to Poe AI’s premium package.
  • Claude-2-100k: This represents Anthropic’s most potent mode, serving as an excellent assistant for intricate and challenging tasks, particularly excelling in the realm of creative writing. With an expansive context window of 75,000 words, akin to Claude-instant, it stands out as an optimal choice for tasks demanding detailed and creative responses.
  • Claude-instant: Clause-instant is an agile bot suitable for creative tasks, equipped with a context window of approximately 7,000 words (about 9k tokens). This chatbot delivers swift, detailed responses and excels particularly in handling non-English languages.
  • Assistant: An elementary, versatile chatbot driven by gpt-3.5-turbo, essentially a variation of ChatGPT tailored for programming-related assignments. Additionally, it excels in furnishing responses in languages beyond English.

In addition to the official lineup, users have crafted numerous bots tailored for highly specific purposes. For those seeking an entertaining roleplay experience, explore bots designed to serve as lively companions by selecting the Roleplay tag.

Poe AI Roleplay

Poe Ai Roleplay 2
Poe AI’s Roleplay tag

On the other hand, if you’re using Duolingo to learn a new language, explore DuolingoDupe – a tool designed to emulate the Duolingo experience and aid in language learning. Alternatively, if you’re a university student in search of a tutor, you can consider trying UniversityGPT. This resource is versatile and can assist you in learning about a wide range of subjects.

Poe AI’s UniversityGPT
Poe AI’s UniversityGPT

How to Access and Use Poe AI on Web?

Step 1: First, you access Poe AI’s website: poe.com 

The main screen of Poe AI after accessing the website
The main screen of Poe AI after accessing the website

You can easily access Poe using Gmail or Apple accounts without the need for a phone number.

Step 2: Upon accessing Poe’s user interface, three main areas immediately appear:

1, The top left section contains integrated chatbots within Poe AI. To use a specific chatbot, simply click on it, and the chat window for that bot will open.

2, Below the chatbot section is where you’ll find settings, feedback submission, and the option to download the iOS app or Android app. The settings and feedback sections are straightforward, and you can explore them at your convenience. 

3, The largest central area constitutes the working window for each chatbot. Selecting a chatbot will open the corresponding chat window in this primary workspace.

Prompt Example
Assistant Workspace on Poe AI

Some Differences Between Chatbots on Poe AI

As mentioned earlier, the Sage, ChatGPT, and Dragonfly chatbots are supported by OpenAI technology. In essence, these chatbots will produce similar results with not much difference in terms of knowledge. However, each chatbot will have a varying understanding of your queries and will present different ways of articulating responses.

AMELA posed the same question to all 6 chatbots to assess their answering styles and their ability to comprehend queries. The results are as follows:

“As a content creator, your task is to create an original article that discusses the latest news related to IT outsourcing. Your article should be written in your own words and provide a unique perspective on the topic. What is your method? Do some examples.”

AMELA’s Query: Three tasks

1, Write an article about IT outsourcing

2, Methods of article writing.

3, Provide additional examples.

Now, let’s take a look at the responses from these chatbots!

The Answer from The Chatbot Sage

Sage AI Chatbot
Sage’s Response


  • Write a complete paragraph about IT outsourcing
  • Good natural language processing


  • Not able to handle all queries
  • The article lacks creativity and is somewhat generic

Score: 6/10

The Answer from The Dragonfly Chatbot

Dragonfly Chatbot
Dragonfly’s Response


  • Good responses regarding the writing method.
  • Clear and easily understandable presentation.
  • Effective handling of natural language.


  • Lack of examples provided.
  • Difficulty in selecting a presentation format (it is recommended to present in a clearer step-by-step or more explicit point-by-point manner).

Score: 7/10

The Answer from The Claude+ and Claude Chatbot

Because these two chatbots have similar output formats, and Claude+ is a newer version, it will provide slightly more detailed information compared to Claude, but overall, they are similar. Therefore, AMELA will evaluate Claude+ and Claude as follows:

Claude+ and Claude Chatbot
Claude+ and Claude’s Responses


  • Accurate focal point responses
  • Clear and understandable presentation
  • Precise knowledge


  • The language lacks naturalness or may be repetitive
  • Lack of specific examples
  • Each account is limited to only one query within 24 hours for Claude+; additional questions must wait for the next 24 hours.

Score: 7.5/10

The Answer from The GPT-3.5 Chatbot

 GPT-3.5 Chatbot
GPT-3.5’s Response


  • Good natural language
  • Lengthy written passage
  • Includes specific examples


  • Has not provided a writing method
  • Content is not strong, somewhat vague
  • Output cannot be immediately used

Score: 7.5/10

The Answer from The GPT-4 Chatbot

It can be said that GPT-4 is the most formidable chatbot up to the current moment, with a notable ability to comprehend and string together queries quite well:

GPT-4 Chatbot 1
GPT-4 writes a complete article
GPT-4 Chatbot 2
GPT-4 provides main titles and subtitles for articles


  • Excellent natural language processing
  • Generates comprehensive articles
  • Understands queries well
  • Immediate use of output


  • A limited variety of examples provided
  • High cost

Score: 8.5/10

Overall Evaluation: After experiencing all six chatbots on Poe AI, AMELA clearly perceives the superiority of GPT-4 over the other chatbots. If utilized more extensively, this chatbot could undoubtedly become an invaluable tool in your work. To use these chatbots effectively, users should also learn how to formulate queries well, ensuring that the received results are detailed and closely aligned with the questions posed.

How Much Does Poe AI Cost?

Great news! Poe AI provides a free version that grants access to a diverse array of AI chatbots capable of handling tasks ranging from image generation to content creation. However, the free version has its limitations, especially concerning the availability of certain AI chatbots. The latest iterations of GPT-4, DALLE-E-3, and Claude 2 are exclusive to the premium subscription, requiring a monthly fee for access to the more advanced features.

Poe AI offers a sole-paid plan priced at $19.99 per month. Alternatively, users can opt for an annual subscription, reducing the monthly cost to just $16.67, totaling approximately $200 per year. In addition to unlocking access to the aforementioned advanced AI chatbots, the paid plan ensures quicker responses from AI chatbots and provides users with higher daily message allowances.

How Can I Create My Own Bot on Poe AI?

Poe AI’s popularity is significantly attributed to its remarkable ease in creating personalized bots. Beyond being a mere aggregator for official AI chatbot options from major tech firms, Poe AI allows users to craft and share their own bots within the Poe community. 

There are two approaches to bot creation on Poe AI: using a prompt, which requires no technical expertise, and utilizing a bot server, a more technical process involving coding skills. This guide focuses on the straightforward process of creating a prompt bot, leaving the more technical bot server creation outside its scope. 

Step 1: Sign into Poe AI

Poe Create Bot Tab
Poe AI’s Create Bot Tab

Log in to your Poe AI account and access the “Create bot” button located on the left sidebar. For mobile users, tap the menu icon at the top-left to reveal the sidebar, and then select the “Create bot” button positioned at the top of the menu.

Step 2: Fill in The Blank

Poe AI’s Blank to Fill in

Provide a handle for your bot, serving as its unique identifier and name. If you’re currently unsure, there’s no need to worry as you can always update the name later. As an illustration, in our case, we named our bot AMELALALABot.

Following that, craft a description of your bot, detailing its functionalities, and more. This description will be visible to users when they visit your bot’s page, though it is entirely optional. Lastly, enhance your bot’s visual appeal by uploading a distinctive image. In our example, we utilized an image of the Amber – AMELA’s mascot that we designed. 

Step 3: Choose the Base Bot

Poe’s Base Bot Choice
Poe AI’s Base Bot Choice

The foundational element of your bot is the base bot, which determines its core capabilities. Choose the base language model for your bot from the menu, with options such as the default ChatGPT, StableDiffusionXL, Claude-instant, and others.

Review the distinctions outlined in the preceding section to understand the differences between the various available base models. In our example, we opted for Claude-instant, as we aim for our bot to deliver prompt and imaginative responses to user queries.

Step 4: Add a Prompt for Poe AI

Poe’s Prompt Position
Poe AI’s Prompt Position

This is the exciting part where you get to define your bot’s actions and demeanor. Craft your prompt using the second person instead of the third person for clarity.

For instance, here’s a prompt we employed for our AMELALALABot:

“You are AMELALALABot, an AI designed to assist users with technology-related queries. Your responses should be informative, concise, and user-friendly. Provide step-by-step instructions when needed, and offer troubleshooting tips. Be patient and approachable, making users feel comfortable seeking tech advice from you.”

Ensure your instructions are clear and concise to eliminate any room for misinterpretation. If your prompt is extensive with multiple rules, consider using markdown to separate distinct rules, enhancing the bot’s comprehension.

After completing the prompt, include the introductory message that sets the tone for each conversation. In our case, we wrote:

“Hello there! I am AMELALALABot, your go-to companion for all things tech. Whether you’re troubleshooting an issue, seeking advice on the latest gadgets, or curious about tech trends, I’m here to help. Ask me anything, and let’s navigate the world of technology together!”

While the intro message is optional, it adds a nice touch to initiate engaging conversations!

Step 5: Click on “Create Bot” Button


Select the “Create Bot” button, and there you have it – your personalized chatbot is ready! The last essential step is to put your bot to the test. Pose some questions and observe their responses. For instance, we prompted our AMELALALABot to talk about a piece of tech news, and here’s the result:


If you’re interested in trying it out firsthand, you can access the bot through this link: https://poe.com/AMELALALABot. Feel free to explore and enjoy experimenting with it!


Poe AI stands as an exceptional assistant in the realm of productivity, seamlessly integrating advanced technologies to enhance and streamline the work experience. Its remarkable capabilities, ranging from efficient task management to insightful data analysis, redefine the traditional notion of workplace assistance. Poe AI emerges as a reliable and indispensable companion, consistently proving its worth by boosting efficiency, fostering innovation, and ultimately contributing to the success of individuals and organizations alike. 

Moreover, should you aim to harness the vast potential of artificial intelligence for your business, delve into the revolutionary capabilities of AI through AMELA’s state-of-the-art AI software development service right away!

Contact us through the following information: 

  • Hotline: (+84)904026070 
  • Email: hello@amela.tech 
  • Address: 5th Floor, Tower A, Keangnam Building, Urban Area new E6 Cau Giay, Pham Hung, Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi

Editor: AMELA Technology

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