Top 5 Website Design Trends in 2024

  • Users only need 50 milliseconds to form their first impression of a website (Stanford University)
  • 38% of users will leave a website if the layout is unattractive or cluttered (Adobe)
  • According to Clutch, 48% of users believe a website’s design is the main factor in determining the professionalism of a company.
  • 89% of people judge a business by its website (Website Builder Expert)

These statistics clearly demonstrate that website design isn’t just about aesthetics. It plays a crucial role in user experience, conversions, brand perception, and even search engine visibility. Therefore, investing in good website design is an investment in the success of your online presence. In this blog, we will tell you about the top 5 website design trends that will help you in designing a website that attracts the attention of users. Let’s check it out!

Top 5 Website Design Trends in 2024

Dark Mode Website

Dark Mode is the 1st website design trend, in the digital era, when surfing becomes the focus, customer experience is the top factor of concern for improvement. Though creating a bright and professional feeling, light mode “loses” compared to dark mode. Why? Basically, for some people, reading and consuming content on a dark-mode website is a breeze. It also gives a clean, professional, and a little bit serious vibe that suits various websites. You know what? People usually misunderstand the dark mode website, they think that this style just means a pitch-black background. In reality, you guys can experiment with different dark colors to create stunning gradients, highlights, and brightness, making your website really stand out.

Dark Mode Example

Bento Grid

Move on to the 2nd website design trend, Bento Grid. Bento Grid design style is a website design layout that is becoming increasingly popular. It is characterized by its use of a grid system to divide the page into sections, and its focus on clean lines and minimalism. There are several reasons why website designers should take advantage of this style. In general, the bento grid style creates a sense of order and hierarchy on a page, which can make it more visually appealing to users.

Plus, Bento Grid is well-suited for mobile devices because they are simple and easy to read on small screens. The grid system also helps to ensure that content is laid out in a way that is easy for users to navigate with their fingers. Moreover, this web design style can help to improve a website’s SEO by making it easier for search engines to crawl and index content. The use of clear headings and subheadings also helps to make content more scannable, which can improve click-through rates.

Bento Grid Example
Website: Diagram

Nevertheless, like anything else, Bento Grid has its own cons. Because Bento Grid relies on compartmentalizing content into distinct sections, it can limit the amount of information you can display in each section. Therefore, in case you have a lot of content to share, a bento grid might not be the best solution, as you might have to condense or restructure information to fit the grid format. 

AI-Generated Imagery

The 3rd trend is the increasing use of AI-generated images. AI-generated imagery is rapidly transforming the world of web design, offering exciting possibilities alongside some intriguing challenges. But why? It can be said that AI algorithms can generate visuals that are truly unique and unexpected, pushing the boundaries of traditional design and potentially making your website stand out from the crowd. In addition, the rise of AI and various design tools decreases the cost of creating images and videos. Compared to herring a professional designer, AI tools can be a more cost-effective way to generate visuals, especially for small businesses or startups with limited budgets.

AI-Generated Imagery Example
Website: Otterdev

On the other hand, AI-generated imagery web design style can have some limitations. Since the legal landscape surrounding AI-generated art is still evolving, there might be concerns about copyright infringement or ownership of the visuals created.

Vibrant Gradients

Vibrant gradients are making a splash in the world of web design, injecting energy and personality into websites with their bold color transitions. This trend isn’t just about a splash of rainbows. It’s a strategic use of color to guide user experience, evoke emotions, and create a lasting impression. So, the question is “Why this website design style will be a trend in 2024?”. According to recent research, vibrant gradients instantly grab attention and make your website stand out from the crowd because of its eye-catching appeal. It can act as a beacon, drawing users in and encouraging them to explore further.

Vibrant Gradients Example
Website: Sarah Guo

Furthermore, colors evoke specific emotions, and vibrant gradients allow you to play with this psychology to create an emotional connection. For example, a warm orange-pink gradient might convey friendliness and optimism. Last but not least, the vibrant gradient can be used to subtly guide users through your website. A gradient that fades from lighter to darker colors can draw attention to call-to-action buttons, while a diagonal gradient can lead the eye toward specific sections of content.

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Massive Typography

Next up, we’ll delve into the 5th and ultimate web design trend that is set to make a significant impact in 2024. Massive typography is a web design trend that’s making waves, literally. It throws out the rulebook on traditional font sizes and embraces bold, oversized text as the focal point of the website. Just like vibrant gradients, massive typography also grabs attention the moment users land on your page. It’s impossible to miss a hero section dominated by a statement headline in a larger-than-life font. This visual punch creates a lasting impression and makes your website instantly memorable. Besides, you can experiment with different fonts, colors, and layouts to create a unique and visually stunning website that reflects your brand personality.

Massive Typography Example
Website: GSAP


To conclude, in 2024, the top 5 website design trends are dark mode websites, bento grids, AI-generated imagery, vibrant gradients, and massive typography. As we can see, both of them have advantages and disadvantages. By embracing these trends, web designers can create websites that look modern and provide delightful user experiences. 

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