5 Best Singapore Food Delivery Apps for 2024

In the bustling city of Singapore, where the pace of life matches the ever-changing skyline, food is not just a necessity but a vibrant part of its culture. From hawker centers offering traditional delicacies to high-end restaurants serving global cuisines, the Lion City is a true foodie’s paradise. But in 2024, as our lives get busier and the demand for convenience grows, the way we indulge in these culinary delights is evolving. Enter the era of the food delivery app, a game-changer for dining in the digital age. 

Whether you simply want to enjoy a quiet meal at home, these platforms promise to bring Singapore’s diverse and delicious food scene right to your doorstep. In this blog, we’ll explore the 5 best Singapore food delivery apps for 2024. Each of them offers unique features and a wide array of choices to satisfy your taste buds any day, any time. So sit back, relax, and let’s embark on a mouthwatering journey through the convenience of your smartphone!

5 Best Singapore Food Delivery Apps for 2024

5 Best Singapore Food Delivery Apps

GrabFood – Your Trustworthy Online Food Delivery App in Singapore

GrabFood - Your Trustworthy Online Food Delivery App in Singapore

General Information

  • Launch year: 2016
  • Company: Grab Holdings Inc.
  • Available for: Mobile app (Android & iOS)
  • Location: Singapore

GrabFood is a key player in the online food delivery service in Singapore. It is an integral part of Grab’s extensive suite of services, which also includes transport and digital payments. Known for its reliability and extensive network, GrabFood connects users with a wide variety of dining options, catering to every taste and occasion.

Key Features

  • Wide Selection of Food Options 

GrabFood boasts an impressive array of restaurant partners, ranging from street food stalls and local eateries to high-end restaurants. This diversity ensures that users can find almost any type of food they’re craving. It can be local Singaporean dishes, international cuisine, or healthy and dietary-specific options.

  • User-Friendly Interface

GrabFood is designed with the user in mind, featuring an intuitive layout that makes browsing, ordering, and tracking deliveries effortless. The seamless integration of GrabFood with other Grab services enhances convenience by offering a unified platform for various needs.

  • Efficient Delivery Service

GrabFood is known for its prompt and reliable delivery service. With a vast network of delivery partners and an efficient logistics system, orders are delivered swiftly. Hence, ensuring that food arrives hot and fresh.

  • Personalized Recommendations

Leveraging advanced algorithms, GrabFood provides personalized food and restaurant recommendations based on users’ past orders and preferences. Therefore, this feature makes it easier for GrabFood to discover new favorites.

  • Promotions and Deals

GrabFood regularly offers promotions and deals, providing value for money and making it an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers. These deals often include restaurant-specific discounts, voucher codes, and GrabRewards points, which can be redeemed for future orders.

Additional Features

  • Eco-friendly Initiatives

In line with global sustainability trends, GrabFood has been making strides in reducing its environmental footprint by encouraging the use of eco-friendly packaging and implementing initiatives aimed at minimizing food waste.

  • Customer Support

GrabFood provides reliable customer support, addressing any issues related to orders, deliveries, or payments swiftly. This can enhance the overall user experience and trust in the platform.

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Foodpanda – A Fantastic Food Delivery Singapore App

Foodpanda - A Fantastic Food Delivery Singapore App

General Information

  • Launch year: 2012
  • Company: Delivery Hero
  • Available for: Website & Mobile App
  • Location: Singapore

Foodpanda is your go-to food delivery app in Singapore for easy and quick meal deliveries. With its bright pink logo, it’s hard to miss and brings a wide range of food right to your doorstep. From local dishes to fancy restaurant meals, Foodpanda has it all. Besides just food, Foodpanda also delivers groceries and everyday essentials with PandaMart and Shops. It’s a simple, one-stop solution for all your food and basic needs, making life a bit easier and a lot tastier!

Key Features

  • Extensive Restaurant Selection

Foodpanda boasts a large selection of restaurants, allowing you to choose from various cuisines and dietary preferences.

  • Real-time Order Tracking

You can track your order in real time, giving you an estimated delivery time and letting you see the location of your rider on a map. This provides peace of mind and allows you to plan accordingly.

  • Multiple Payment Options

Foodpanda offers a variety of payment options, including cash on delivery, credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets. This flexibility ensures a smooth checkout process regardless of your preferred payment method.

  • User-friendly Interface

The Foodpanda app is designed to be user-friendly, with a clear layout and easy navigation. Searching for restaurants, browsing menus, and placing orders can all be done with minimal effort.

  • Advanced Search and Filtering

Foodpanda’s search function allows you to easily find restaurants based on your location, cuisine type, dietary restrictions, and even specific keywords. You can also filter results by price range, popularity, and delivery time.

Additional Features

  • Order Reordering

Foodpanda remembers your past orders, allowing you to quickly reorder your favorite meals without having to search through menus again. This saves time and ensures you can enjoy your go-to dishes conveniently.

  • In-App Chat with Rider

An additional feature allows you to chat directly with your rider through the app. This can help clarify delivery instructions or inquire about the status of your order.

  • Contactless Delivery

Foodpanda offers contactless delivery options, where your food can be left at a designated location to minimize person-to-person interaction. This is a convenient option for those who are health-conscious or prefer minimal contact.

Deliveroo – Your Go-To Singapore Food Delivery App

General Information

  • Launch year: 2013
  • Company: Deliveroo
  • Available for: Website, mobile app (Android & iOS)
  • Location: London

Deliveroo is a top-choice food delivery app in Singapore, known for bringing delicious meals straight to your door. They work with a wide range of restaurants, from cozy local spots to fancy places, making sure you get your food fast and hot. With special deals and a subscription for regular orders, Deliveroo makes it easy and enjoyable to order your favorite meals or try something new, all from the comfort of your home.

Key Features

  • Wide Restaurant Variety

Like Foodpanda, Deliveroo boasts a vast selection of restaurants, ensuring you can find something to suit your taste.

  • Live Order Tracking

Deliveroo provides real-time order tracking, letting you see your food’s journey from preparation to your doorstep.

  • Secure In-App Payment

Deliveroo prioritizes secure in-app payments with various options like credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets for a smooth and contactless checkout.

  • User-Friendly App

The app is known for its user-friendly design, making browsing menus, placing orders, and tracking deliveries effortless.

  • Advanced Search & Filtering

Similar to Foodpanda, Deliveroo allows you to search for restaurants by location, cuisine, dietary needs, and keywords. You can also filter by price, popularity, and estimated delivery time.

  • Menu Customization

Deliveroo allows for menu customization on some orders, letting you adjust ingredients or add special requests.

  • Restaurant Reviews & Ratings

Read reviews and ratings from other customers to help you make informed decisions when choosing a restaurant.

  • Delivery Fee Transparency

Deliveroo offers upfront delivery fee information, so you know the total cost before placing your order.

  • Possible Schedule Orders

In some regions, Deliveroo allows scheduling orders for pickup or delivery at a future time.

Additional Features

  • Deliveroo Editions

Deliveroo Editions partners with dark kitchens or restaurants offering exclusive menus just for delivery, expanding variety.

  • Loyalty Programs

Some regions offer loyalty programs where you can earn points for your orders and redeem them for rewards.

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WhyQ – Your Hawker Food Delivery App in Singapore

General Information

  • Launch year: 2016
  • Company: WhyQ Pte Ltd
  • Available for: Mobile app (Android & iOS)
  • Location: Singapore

WhyQ is a Singapore-based food delivery app specializing in bringing the delights of hawker centers straight to your doorstep. Unlike Foodpanda and Deliveroo which offer a mix of restaurants and hawker stalls, WhyQ prioritizes hawker fare. With over 3,000 stalls islandwide, you can discover a vast selection of Singapore’s iconic and beloved hawker dishes.

Key Features

  • Hawker Focus

WhyQ is dedicated to delivering food from Singapore’s beloved hawker centers, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of local dishes without leaving home.

  • Affordable Delivery Fees

The service is known for its minimal delivery charges, making it an economical choice for daily meals.

  • No Minimum Order

WhyQ does not require a minimum order amount, offering flexibility for individual diners or small orders.

  • Hawker Partnership

By partnering directly with hawker stalls, WhyQ supports local businesses and ensures the authenticity of the food.

  • User-Friendly App

The WhyQ app is easy to navigate, providing a simple and efficient ordering process.

Additional Features

  • Meal Scheduling

Users can schedule their orders in advance, making meal planning convenient and hassle-free.

  • Wide Coverage

WhyQ has expanded its service to include a large number of hawker centers across Singapore, ensuring a diverse selection of cuisines.

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AirAsia Food – Your Best Food Delivery App Singapore

General Information

  • Launch year: 2020
  • Company: AirAsia
  • Available for: Website & Mobile app
  • Location: Malaysia

AirAsia Food stands out in Singapore’s competitive food delivery scene by leveraging AirAsia’s extensive network to offer a diverse range of dining options at attractive prices.

Key Features

  • Wide Selection of Cuisines

AirAsia Food offers a vast array of dining choices, from local delights to international cuisines, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

  • Affordable Prices

True to its low-cost ethos, AirAsia Food provides competitive pricing on its delivery services, making eating out more accessible.

  • Support for Local Vendors

The platform champions local eateries and small businesses, giving them visibility and support in the digital marketplace.

  • Seamless User Experience

The AirAsia Food app is designed for ease of use, featuring an intuitive interface that makes ordering straightforward and stress-free.

  • Real-time Tracking

Customers can track their orders in real-time, adding transparency and convenience to the delivery process.

Additional Features

  • Promotional Offers

AirAsia Food regularly offers discounts and deals, providing added value to customers and encouraging them to explore new dining options.

  • Reliable Delivery

Leveraging AirAsia’s logistical expertise, the service ensures timely and dependable delivery, maintaining the quality and freshness of food.


With a variety of delicious options at your fingertips, Singapore’s food delivery scene is a haven for busy gourmands. Whether you crave local favorites, international cuisine, or healthy choices, there’s an app to suit your taste and budget. Consider the factors that matter most to you, from restaurant selection and delivery speed to promotions and loyalty programs.  With these top contenders in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect app to deliver a delightful dining experience straight to your door. So go forth, explore, and devour the culinary delights that Singapore has to offer!

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