Asunomeal - Food Delivery App Summary

Optimizing the experience with a food delivery app, it can help to widen the market you can reach to verify the food options. We develop the platform with the priorities of convenience and personalization. One merit comes from the UI/UX design to boost customers’ satisfaction.

  • Create app with friendly interface, and catchy image to evoke the appetize.
  • Provide the favorable conditions to approach to a wide market.
  • Integrate necessary functions for a delivery app: map, payment method.
  • Design UI/UX for the uniqueness and general customers approaches to make it different from competitors.
  • Wireframes designed according to the flow diagram before immersing into the main design, get user story to build the best user experience.
  • Building and updating UI/UX identification to make the uniqueness.
  • The app with personalized recommendations for customers with seamless exposure to eye-catching illustrations.
  • Users are able to approach to a broad market with diverse cuisine.


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