ORS - Personnel management website Summary

The website help company manage an organization chart for a company with 6000+ personnel involved, query information through time to check personnel work records or department history. Personnel can easily track and transfer between internal departments manage project timeline and member history. We prioritize the optimization and friendliness for user to develop this project within design and process.

  • The platform is exclusively for personnel with the core value of recognition and motivation.
  • The clear and systematic arrangement.
  • Simple and neat design.
  • Both personal information and work contribution need including.
  • Manage and allocate information in hierarchy and classification.
  • Security is essential to guarantee.
  • Update information fast and accurately.
  • Database for a number of personnel (over 6000).
  • Classify into sections: personnel management, project management, and real-time organization chart.
  • A wide range of function for managing such as: scheduling, resource allocation, project planning, detail work order, project state grasping.
  • Personnel can see their contribution within projects and records shown, then keep track with the real-time updating.
  • The basic information is shown clearly and systematically, so it’s easy to navigate and compare in the lighting query speed.
  • Functional employee database for record-keeping, easy to search record and keywords, in-depth features to optimize human resource.


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