Dotachan - Offline Meeting App Summary

We have developed an app with the different approach and identities by leverage the free-time and proximity as the core value. This app can help user seek individuals or groups based on the simiilarities around Japan. The implementation of this project was successful and it made our team stronger!

  • A platform to help people match each other and connect based on specific similarities.
  • Focus on the proximity and face-to-face appointment.
  • Easy to use for a wide spectrum of users.
  • Possess unique connection comparing to others’ matching platform
  • Make the app compatible with the latest devices and OS.
  • Arrange feature to make experience focus on the proximity and free time.
  • Integrate map location to find and choose the partner.
  • Calendar setting and reminder to ensure appointment process.
  • Make screens compatible with the latest Android & IOS devices.
  • Customize interface to make it friendly for Japanese.
  • User can match with different categories: finding groups, seting up the offline appointment with easy approach and actions required.
  • Users can set time to get notified for the appointment.
  • Match with people with the same free timespan and groups with the same interests.


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