Pings - Online Learning App Summary

Pings is a paid application platform that helps you easily discover hundreds of sciences every day with a variety of different topics and is constantly expanding. Besides that, Pings also helps you share experiences and interact online with thousands of users every day, bringing in significant profits. Thđàiereby, Pings promises to develop an environment full of potential for people who constantly learn and develop themselves.

  • The platform providing knowledge in a wide range within the waste of time finding sources.
  • Both teacher and learner can use in two dimensions.
  • The need to be systematically organized.
  • Function of opening and participating in livestreaming class.
  • Convenient payment methods for paid classes and courses.
  • Room for building personal image.
  • Class order illustrated for a particular virtual class.
  • List for class with detailed informations within calendar.
  • Paypal as a payment method.
  • Room for profile showing the personal information.
  • Smart interface and mechanism to make experience in class less awkward and more interesting.
  • Users can find class easily based on their demands of learning,
  • Classes is shown clearly within calendar, list with details.
  • A secure and simple platform has been developed.


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