Hix Clinic Summary

Clinic is an online appointment booking app that demonstrates unique abilities to reduce the time of waiting, bridging the gap between healthcare practitioners and customers, and delivering services beyond clinic appointment booking.

The main idea was to build a digital solution where a patient can search for the right type of specialized doctor and make appointments without leaving home, this app can help patients connect to doctors instantly.

  • Rising costs, value-based care delivery, payment reforms, data security, and transformation to smart healthcare technologies have engaged healthcare professionals in recent times.
  • Finding an appropriate specialist doctor and knowing his availability is challenging worldwide. Besides, taking the doctor’s appointment in the traditional system is inconvenient and time-consuming.
  • We build app strucure
  • The booking system runs well and helps users book appointments as quickly as possible.
  • In the CMS section, we provide the system administrator to keep track of the reservation as well as manage the client visitation schedule. It also manages staff, holiday settings, clinic branches, machines, and technologies used for therapy.
  • Many clinics use the App and has good reviews.
  • The app has been launched on both Android and IOS operating systems.


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