Choigari - Antique Selling and Authentication Summary

This is the app where user can post things they want to sell and then rate how much it costs to purchase, especially with the beautiful old antiques, regardless of the distance and travel costs. We focus on convenience and quality as the key values to pursue right after registration products appear.

  • A platform selling antiques but the price problem need solving.
  • Convenience is prioritized and so is the illustrations for products.
  • Managing a diverse range of antique items requires an effective cataloging and categorization system.
  • Implementing a robust rating and review system, along with moderation mechanisms to address fraudulent or malicious reviews.
  • Building a comprehensive database and search functionality to catalog and categorize different types of antiques.
  • Conducting thorough quality checks and providing guidelines for item descriptions.
  • Facilitate the selling of antique items through user-friendly posting features.
  • Enable users to rate and estimate the cost of purchasing antiques.
  • Provide immediate access to antique products upon registration.


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