Honey thing - Event Organizing App Summary

This is an app about opening fair events for kids. Your kids can not only learn the spirit of appreciating things but also improve the ability of financial management. Only students from middle school and up are allowed to manage an event. Staff will whole-heartedly and politely guide you through the preparations for the store opening, during the event, and the clean-up afterward.

The interface suitable for kids, with bright vibe and exclude complexity.
Have the simple way to organize, form, and list the events and fairs.
Help kids to improve financial management.

  • Design the interface, which is easy to use and inspiring for kids, especially the login and information filling, this makes implementation harder.
  • Insert the financial materials with simple expression.
  • Use the user-centered design with a vibe inspired by the kid’s energy, the vivid interface is highlighted.
  • Separate any step to make it simpler for kids in general.
  • Limit the age scale for who manages an event.
  • Help a function of tabling event sales and post-event balance sheets.

Website with vivid interface and easy actions, thereby clear and easy to navigate.


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