Fukushi Yogu - Website for Welfare Equipment Purchase Summary

Our client venture into the novel section: welfare equipment. The website was created with the purpose of providing services of buying or renting welfare equipment for the elderly and linking and managing legal entities providing welfare equipment.​ This project is characterized by the seamless interface consisting of one-line process and systematical product details, which help customers find and buy what they want easier.

  • The product and the status are shown accordingly, with the detailed information.
  • Protected by a strong approval layer, the system is absolutely secure.
  • Simple navigation to aid individuals in their buying through recommendations.
  • Manage a large amount of data related to benefit tools, users and legal providers.
  • Building an effective search system so that users can find suitable welfare tools.
  • Building a large enough and trustworthy user community is a challenge.
  • Use a suitable database to store and manage data by a relational database management system (RDBMS).
  • Illustrate products as the list with status, details for a better view and multidimensional descriptive images.
  • Create an attractive and easy-to-use user interface to attract and retain users.
  • By the list function, user can find stuff more systematically with a set of filters and the list format.
  • Legal entities are managed within legacy policies and security.


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