Online Pitfalls - Educational Game Summary

Online Pitfalls is an educational game from Hong Kong that teaches players how to deal with online scammers. The game presents players with various scenarios, each containing numerous traps that must be avoided. Carelessness can result in the player getting caught in a scam.

  • Players can play with many different scenarios that can happen, then complete the game to receive rewards.
  • Having the speical traits and expression of chinese tradition and identification.
  • The animation and characters vibe is consistent in cheerful vibe.
  • This game is full of Traditional Chinese, which is hard for the team when nobody knows Chinese.
  • Make sure the system has minimal security errors.
  • Ensure the game loading speed is fast enough while also producing a stable performance on all mobile devices (iOS & Android).
  • Use encryption techniques to secure sensitive data, such as user credentials, payment information, and communication between the game client and server.
  • Employ efficient coding practices and algorithms to optimize game logic and rendering performance.
  • The game has been completed and received good feedback from customers.


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