Run crew - Runners' App Summary

This app establishes an ideal environment and favorable conditions for runner with a spectrum of functions applied to fulfill any corners of their demands. We developed this app based on the runners’ insight from the sense of tracking to the state of achievement. We are confident and proud to make an ideal virtual environment for the specific actual customer segment.

  • Integrate functions for tracking and optimize the interaction of user with app.
  • Have specific and unique feature for runner.
  • Set up the favorable environment for runner interaction.
  • A website that is responsive and fast to manage big data related to user profiles, running activities, achievements, campaigns, and rankings.
  • A site that needs to be easy for the user to understand and navigate and have the special functions to attract and guarantee the number of users.
  • Use some sort of ranking: achievement, shoes, with the according attachment: real-time tracking, link for shoes purchases.
  • Optimize functions used in any angles from the root insights.
  • A website filled with numerous functions for tracking, improving, and interacting.
  • Information is on the database so past history is maintained.
  • The interface is easy to navigate and see the progress by metrics and data shown.


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