Shinsen - Matching for tradesperson and stores Summary

With a view to build up the exclusive market for construction fields, we get it derived from the matching mechanism to develop this app. Accordingly, the system has 1 CMS, 2 app users., in which there are roles: admin, worker and store. The functions are also diverse: Register store on map, register featured products, search store, coupon, chat.

  • The system provide an ideal environment for tradespersons and the construction materials stores exclusively.
  • Fulfill completely the demands of providers and buyers for the sake of matching.
  • Include special sets of benefits to boost the metrics of using.
  • Two app user sides from user and store.
  • Easy to navigate and keep updated with product information.
  • Have the unique features to differentiate it from other platforms.
  • Integrate map to show proximate stores.
  • QL point for purchasing and so is coupon.
  • Include the set of filter based on specific fields.
  • Function including store register on the map, featured products, search for stores, coupons, chat.
  • Both tradesperson and store are able to register, thereby experience the consistent and independent interface and experience.
  • Each one is enabled to expose with different functions based on their needs.
  • The ideal and exclusive market to match in construction field.


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