Soba - Menu Order App Summary

We succeeded to develop a booking app leveraging QR advantage to save an amount of time waiting in queue and choosing meals of Soba. This app is friendly and easy for users to use with the simple but detail path to order as usual but the special discount and program as the way of customers service. Thus, customers’ satisfaction and loyalty are guaranteed. The goal is not only making the experience more convenient but also maintaining the loyal customers with long-term using.

  • Develop an app help customers to order dishes before coming to the restaurant.
  • Create elements help to build customer loyalty and preference.
  • Make the process after using it convenient with the output of orders.
  • Have a robust technical infrastructure to handle a large number of users simultaneously placing orders.
  • Easy for users to navigate, browse the menu, customize orders, and make payments.
  • Differentiate the app from existing competitors and attract a sufficient user base.
  • Invest in scalable cloud-based infrastructure to handle high traffic and peak loads.
  • Personalize and customize the experience by the special coupons and discount based on the restaurant special values and occasions.
  • Offer QR code as the way to record bills and implement orders.
  • Users have the experience like having a staff recommending and assisting with the specialized coupon and meal tickets programs.
  • Users receive notification about meals and discounts personally.


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