Kimi To Tsunagu - SNS for Cancer Patients Summary

This app creates functions for connecting cancer patients. They can chat, make friends read, and share news on the app. Apps can help patients have a better understanding of their disease, which is becoming a crucial part of medical treatment.

Build a handful app that gives patients useful information on cancer treatment and connects them together to fight the disease together. When a patient is faced with a life-and-death battle, they must have the needs for their fight, including fellows. The app can make the harsh experience more pleasant. This will also be a place to provide information and advice to patients, becoming a trustworthy friend accompanying cancer patients.

– Research
– UX/UI design
– Prototype Testing

  • Impressive UI design that is simple to use for users
  • The processes and buttons are also very clearly described.

The product is directly tested and used by doctors and cancer patients.


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