Ufret - Instrument Learning App Summary

Learning chord with the easy process and diverse source is the core value of this app. Characterized by the detailed instruction and the customized experience to make the learning process effective.

  • An app to help users learn chords easily with detail explanation and easy to approach for various learners.
  • Various songs and modes exposed to advance the versatility.
  • Optimize the learning process through songs effectively and friendly for everyone.
  • Maintain the interaction to make the process more appealing.
  • Use the realtime chord moving while a video playing.
  • Enable customizing chord and tune for personal preferences.
  • Include Twitter sharing and Membership.
  • Users can learn from a spectrum of source and customize according to their preferences.
  • UX/UI design is friendly for a spectrum of users.
  • The chords provided is versatile for numerous instrument and level of learners.


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